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Responsive Web Design

With the growing amount of gadgets in this highly advancing technological world, everyone needs his website(s) available for viewing on mobile phones and other gadgets. This is a never ending process, and in order to stay competitive, one simply cannot ignore the importance of this new leap. The concept of web browsing has also changed over the time and people generally tend to prefer using Internet on the go, be it social networking, or business correspondence. So your website definitely needs to be there for Blackberry to iPhone’s, from iPad to iPod’s, so on and so forth.

Responsive Web Design corresponds to the availability and coherency of web development over the coming decade(s). Screen resolutions need to be compatible on all gadgets, and have to adjust from landscape to portrait mode on a single device, in addition. Many other inventions are in order, so this is a never ending loop. Cynob gives you the freedom of getting your websites compatible with all new gadgets that are surfacing in global market. We know the concerns affiliated with the fear of losing customers due to usage of Internet on-the-go, and can provide you, with Responsive Web Design, a solution that takes care of your worries.

The practice is challenging, and includes an intelligent use of CSS media queries. We make sure that the users get the screen compatibility when they switch from a laptop to an iPad, and the screen sizes should care for the accommodation of resolution and scripting abilities. This takes into account a user’s preferences and automatically adjusts to it, thereby eliminating the possibility of a completely new design for every new gadget in the market.