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Digitization and conversion

EPUB and KF:
EPUB(Electronic publication) and KF(kindle format) are standards for open e-book which provides a wide range features for interactive presentations.

We,at Cynob offers the facilities of conversion in any version of EPUB or KF.The latest versions are 3.0 and 8 for EPUB and KF respectively.

We provide services:

  • 1.e-books with advanced features such as audio,video etc.
  • 2.Creation of e-books and conversions using EPUB and KF.
  • 3.Digital solutions
  • 4.Apps on iphone and ipad too.
  • Why we?
    We believe in client’s satisfaction .So we will work as per requirements of clients at affordable price.

Data capture:
A process of identifying objects,collecting data about those objects into computer systems without human involvement.

Our company,Cynob provides the facility to convert hard copy PDFs to XML as well as digital conversions from any document file or spreadsheet.

Our professionals will satisfy your requirements regarding content conversion and may also provide a customized package before final output. We will give you full satisfaction and offer genuine price too.

XML services:

XML conversion services,a method of conversion of any PDF/documents for web publishing.Thus creating e books for readers.

At Cynob ,we convert from paper, PDF, typesetters, spreadsheets,word documents etc into XML,HTML.We will provide the best service as we believe in client’s satisfaction.The work which We will do will be just for you and as per your demands.If you desire to hire hardworking and trustworthy professionals then contact us.